July 26, 2003

Exercising my right to petition the government

Dear President Bush,

I read with amazement this evening that your administration continues to stonewall and cover up for our supposed allies the Saudis. Now listen closely:

I am the epitome of your base. I am a conservative Evangelical from the midwest. My family is conservative. I am conservative. I read National Review Online. I laugh at jokes about France. On Election Day 2000, do you know where I was? I was at the Kent County Republican Party HQ making phone calls to your supporters urging them to vote Republican -- mind you, I was not even old enough to vote then. I am your base, but I do not plan to vote for you in 2004.

After 9/11 the Right woke up and realized that isolationism is not the answer. We followed you, Mr. President, to Afghanistan and Iraq. We are proud to have a leader who is committed to keeping our nation safe from terrorism.

So why have you abandoned us? What is this we keep hearing about Saudis being our friends? Mr. President, the men who turned our own technology against us, killing five thousand Americans in one day: they were Saudis. Their government aids and abets radical Islamism across the globe. Now that we have Iraq, we no longer need them. So why are you covering for them?

I have another concern as well, Mr. President. You see, we in the heartland are conservative types. Not merely socially conservative, but fiscally as well. We were excited when the Republican Party swept the 2002 midterms. The House, Senate and 1600 Penn. Avenue are now controlled by the historic party of fiscal restraint. What happened? Thanks for the tax cuts, it's nice to have our own money: but what's all this new spending for? What happened to the common-sense principles of spending what you have and not spending what you don't have?

Sir, the many questions I've raised here I do not have a satisfactory answer for. Regardless of the great affection I have for you personally and the masterful job you've done (for the most part) in foreign policy, I cannot support your bid for re-election. Unless you answer these questions, my first vote for the President of the United States will not be a Republican one. You would do well to reconsider the path you are taking.

Tim the Michigander

Posted by Tim at July 26, 2003 12:35 AM

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