July 26, 2003

New Hampshire - Libertarian Utopia?

From the Nashua (N.H.)Telegraph via Buck at The Conservatarian's Guide to the Galaxy:

"The Free State Project – a group that hopes to make a U.S. state into a free society – claims it now has about 4,440 members, and expects to reach the 5,000-member mark by next month.

Hitting that goal would realize a dream for many Free State members. At that point, members would choose one of 10 states from a list that includes New Hampshire, aiming to find a state that would make an ideal home for a “sphere of liberty.”"

Now I'm not a libertarian: I agree with them on many issues, especially fiscal matters, but my core beliefs are a bit different I think: we've reached many of the same principles and positions, but have taken different paths to get here.

Nonetheless I support the Free State Project: if it succeeds, I would definitely consider relocating there. I think it'd be great to see some more diversity among state governments in the US. Other than the requirement to be a republican form of government and provide constitutional rights to its citizens, I don't believe the Constitution prescribes many requirements to the states. There are other models beside the semi-socialist one all 50 states currently have in more-or-less virulent forms. What if there were 5 or 6 different models? What if California became a hard-left socialist parlimentary democracy and New Hampshire went minimalist/libertarian and (say) Michigan devolved power to metropolitan areas? The US would be a free marketplace of governments, with citizens and corporations free to relocate where the government best suited them. Wouldn't that be cool?

Posted by Tim at July 26, 2003 02:40 PM

But even if the citizens pull it off the Central government has set it up that they can make any state(s) lives impossible through mandates and revenue sharing.

You would have to become part of Canada if you really want to live life as envisioned by our American forefathers.

Posted by: Greg Ho at October 10, 2003 12:39 PM

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