December 31, 2004

well team, people keep telling me to update so here goes.

life goes on in the g dot r. i have managed to avoid doing the greek homework that beckons me like the irresistible grace of... hmm i think i'll stop there, that analogy was going to be pretty calvinist-geeky plus a bit blasphemous... what's more, there is nothing at all gracious about the third noun declension in greek. grammatical gender i can deal with as long as there's some easy way to tell what gender a noun is. maybe if it's masculine give it an -ος ending or if it's feminine give it an -η or -α ending (yea those were greek letters, i'm aware that i'm a loser for installing a greek keyboard) but if you're going to assign gender randomly... oh third declension we are NOT FRIENDS.

i also finished knitting my scarf... i had a few, um, issues casting off but it looks okay. i might knit mittens now. and if i do i may or may not have a string between them so they won't get lost. you may call me a little kid now but we will see who is mocking whom when you can't find your other glove and you're ten minutes late for class.

but most likely we'll have a warm winter since i finally bought myself a jacket. curses. oh my luck... it never fails to fail me. good thing i have natural charm and razor-sharp wit to save me

stop laughing

i mean it

ok moving on again... watched the trailer for the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie coming out next year (i.e., in 2005). i'm torn. on one hand, the first movie was deeply disturbing, second only to the wizard of oz in the 'movies made for kids that kids should never see' category... on the other hand, mm the j depp and tim burton... last time they got together we were given the amazingness that was edward scissorhands... if anyone can do this justice it's those two.

maybe edward scissorhands can make a cameo. he could be cutting hair in the background or something. this makes me want to tape kitchen utensils to my fingers and run around the house again... not that i've ever done that before... why are you looking at me like that

onto something completely different... an unfortunate side comment i made to jehan at last Church in the Box has managed to ruin one of my favourite christmas songs for me... you see in 'Joy to the World' one of the lines is 'and heaven and nature sing'... i pointed out the possible link to thomistic dualism and the grace/nature false antithesis... now i can't sing it with a straight face

i went ice skating with gayle yesterday at the public rink in downtown GR. then we had lunch... i paid for my sandwich with a ten and got four bucks back... that is, four one dollar bills. ugh. how i loathe one dollar bills. where is canada when you need her, eh? the united states is at it again... we can't seem to design our money properly... they've got new fifties out and they're even grosser than the twenties with their nasty two-coloured designs and washed-out tones and little numbers printed randomly all over them. we've decided that the reason the dollar is so low is that no one wants to buy our ugly money. i sure don't but if anyone wants to give me some of the ugly fifties i guess i won't complain too much.

so really if the goverment would just make the money pretty the demand will go up and the price will rise and the canadian dollar will go back down to two cents US where it belongs so i can get cheap education. thank you federal government. you're more helpful than... um, than...

well i'll get back to that one some other time.

what a year this has been eh? i feel a lot more than a year older than i did a year ago, though strangely i don't feel quite nineteen. i guess i'm still catching up. maybe if i pretend to be thirteen i'll have another growth spurt. here's to catching up with all the eighth graders of the dutch sort. oh dutch people... you are too tall

timmy signing out.

Posted by Tim at December 31, 2004 02:01 AM | TrackBack

Timmy! So glad you updated... I love reading your blogs. And I'm half confused about this ugly money thing. I'll have to see it for real. but I'm glad you had fun skating! so jealousu.... see you soon!

Posted by: Claire at December 31, 2004 03:26 PM

go look on gayle's blog, there are gross pictures of the new money

Posted by: Tim at January 1, 2005 04:29 PM

saw the new money. hate it. you look older than you did last must be the hair.

Posted by: Jo at January 2, 2005 02:19 PM

I've got an Ichabod Crane and an Ed Wood here that want some recognition.

Fear my knowledge of Johnny Depp movies.

I'm quite excited about the new Chocolate Factory. And about the new blog entry.

Posted by: Amy at January 4, 2005 07:44 PM

Er. Ichabod and Ed were supposed to be web links. Comments and HTML don't mix, I guess. Anyway, go to, and search Tim Burton, and have a look at Sleepy Hollow and Ed Wood.

And then fear my knowledge of Johnny Depp movies.

Posted by: Amy at January 4, 2005 07:46 PM

hmm... you forgot to put the urls in quotes so the whole comment got parsed wrong... i cleaned up your html for you... and yes i'm a loser

Posted by: Timmy at January 5, 2005 02:36 PM
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