September 10, 2004

ADVICE: when setting one's alarm clock a few minutes ahead, one should make sure not to set the hour ahead as this will just cause one to be woken an hour early. That is right, I walked into my Art 103 class just before eight, at which time the room in question was about to be occupied by a math class; after a momentary, bewildered check at the class schedule in my back pocket ("I'm pretty sure I was in this room last time this class was held..."), I looked up at the clock and realized my mistake, to the bemusement of professor and students alike.

That's right, laugh at me, all you people who don't have eight- and nine-o-clock classes all week. I don't know who designed this schedule but I suspect a malevolent intent to drive me insane on his part. I was so tired this morning that I was unable to remember how to turn off my alarm clock for quite a while, admittedly it does require the flipping of two switches but I did manage to stop the thing every single morning last year without a hitch.

On the other hand, school's going pretty well, I'm enjoying Greek a lot and my other classes aren't half-bad either. I got out of two semesters of beginning Spanish yesterday by explaining to the prof in Spanish the difference between the preterite (simple past tense) and the imperfect. Not bad considering I haven't had a Spanish class for three years. In its stead I may pick up US History to 1865 (I'm already in post-1865, next semester). Mm, history.

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Kudos on the Spanish, Tym! Good work, my friend. I'm glad you're enjoying Greek. I am too, for the most part, although re-learning these 900 or so words for next thursday is going to be a chore! Glad you're back to school--life is better, no?
Love ya.

Posted by: Marķa at September 11, 2004 02:50 PM
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