September 07, 2004

So I'm back at Redeemer... welcome to the first scene of episode 1, season 2 of the RUC.

In this scene we see the continuation of last year's theme of "Timmy getting screwed".

[begin synopsis]

Having slept in two hours the day he was supposed to drive to the A-dot, Timmy arrives at Redeemer just after registration ends. Fortunately the benevolent Redeemer powers-that-be allow him to register the next day for the low low price of fifty dollars. Timmy wakes up the next morning; the weather is dismal and drizzly. As he lies in bed, he realizes that nothing good can come of this day. But he gets up anyway, only to find his premonitions confirmed.

In the Financial Office it is revealed that the US-Canadian exchange rate has dropped two cents. Doing some quick head math, Timmy realizes that he has been screwed out of around 120 dollars by the vagaries of international finance.

In the Student Life Office, he is given a free t-shirt. Unfortunately since he's registering late the only size left is extra-large. Timmy wears medium. Or small. Foiled again.

Opening his registration packet, Timmy sees the on-campus job form. Last year he'd been in charge of changing the sign in front of the school which, he decided, was possibly the worst job ever as it required him to stand outside for about an hour three times a week through all sorts of weather changing letters on the sign. He specifically asked on the form not to be re-assigned the job. His wishes have been over-ruled however, even though as an international student he ostensibly had first preference, and he has been given the horrible job again.

Checking his mail, Tim finds among the assortment of bills a notice that he's received a package. However, it turns out to be a four-month-old care package from his church including smushed four-month-old cake and questionable cookies.

[end synopsis]

Well team it is only 12:30, the time I would normally be waking up at home... i have been up since 10 and have been screwed numerous times since then... only 12 or 13 hours till i can get this horrible day behind me... i'll update if i get screwed again... love timmy

Posted by Tim at September 7, 2004 12:40 PM | TrackBack

Hey, at least you're not Job.

Things could always be worse. And whenever I think that I don't deserve the bad stuff happening to me, God smites me with a lightning bolt of humility called 'memory'. God bless God.

Well, hope things brighten up for you, soon, Mr. Nice-hair-man. It was cool seeing you in Toronto. I hope you like our country and aren't a spy set out to capture Canada.

God bless! And I'll say a prayer of mercy for ya ;)

Posted by: Christine (Katie's friend) at September 7, 2004 10:58 PM

Words of wisdom from someone who loves you. Get over this "Tim gets screwed thing". By the way I do not have your e-address or phone number. Hmmm may be there is a reason for that........

Posted by: Mommy at September 8, 2004 04:33 AM

Gotta agree Tim. Your bad day started when *you* overslept. After that, everything else just seemed worse and piled on.

Have a great semester! It's much too soon to start being negative.

Posted by: Ted at September 8, 2004 06:12 AM

Mm it wasn't really that bad a day... I just like to whine every once in a while. I'm really not too happy about that job though, maybe I will go see what I can do about changing it. On the other hand someone's going to have to suffer through it and it may as well be me.

Christine I don't think I'm a spy but I do have this CIA clip on my keychain, I'm not sure where it came from... i'm thinking it's some sort of bourne identity thing where I've lost my memory and all of a sudden black-clad secret agents will burst through my dorm window and I will sit up in bed and kill them with my bare hands. more likely someone gave the clip to me and i've just forgotten who. But you never know.

Posted by: Tim at September 8, 2004 08:37 PM

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