March 25, 2004

Mission Trips

Has anyone ever had to decide on what mission trip to pursue? It's a truly difficult task, especially when both choices are so attractive! For a while I was planning on going on a trip to Turkey, but then was offered the opportunity to go to Peru with Wycliffe (An organization of Bible Translators, of which I hope to one day be a part). This decision was fairly easy for me, as the Peru trip is more directly applicable to my life goals. The next decision I have to make is not quite so simple! After hearing about the Peru trip, I was informed of a trip to Indonesia, which was recommended to me by the leader of the Peru trip (whom I have gone with to Honduras). The reasoning behind it is that it would get me out of the Western Hemisphere and to a culture that is not primarily Latino--a definate plus. However, the Indonesia trip is led by a couple that I've not met. Decisions decisions! The strengths of each trip seem equal in my mind. How is one to decide???

Posted by Mary at March 25, 2004 11:59 PM | TrackBack

been there. In 2000 I had the choice of Brasil, El Salvador, or Slovakia. Just keep praying, and following the Spirit. He will lead you into what is best for the glory of God.

Posted by: Graham at March 27, 2004 03:09 PM

Definately keep praying. Weigh the pros and cons about both. Maybe Indonesia would be good because it's a new couple that you haven't met. They could have new ideas, although you are used to the ways of the other leader, so you would have to decide what your motives are for this trip.

Posted by: Nicole at March 29, 2004 11:33 PM

'Tis a dilemma. Um, my advice is to write down all the arguements pro and con for each and get it all rationally established. Then follow your heart. :)

Posted by: Tim the Michigander at March 30, 2004 01:18 AM

I recommend the Indonesia trip; the girls'll be cuter that way... :D

Posted by: Tuning Spork at March 30, 2004 11:36 PM

Hmm... the girls will be cuter, eh! That's an interesting thought that I had not considered. You see, in my case, I'm assuming at least one girl would be equally cute (or not so much depending on your preferences) no matter where I go, as I am, indeed, a girl. Don't worry, I can see it'd be easy to be confused on this, seeing as how I am posting on Tym's website after all! But thanks for the advice, I'll keep it in mind!

Posted by: mary at March 31, 2004 01:34 AM
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