September 22, 2003

Raining like a rather pathetic hurricane

It is raining hard. Tropical-storm force winds and heavy downpours -- that is if that pathetic thing we had last Friday still counted as a tropical storm.

Also, today I met blogger Brian Dijkema, who's a student here at Redeemer UC as well. Actually, there was a forum in which the freshman candidates for Senate were speechifying. When the floor was opened for questions, Brian here asks "Will the real Timmy Van Alstyne please stand up?" I did so, from my position in the third row from the front. With my quick wit, I deduced almost instantly that he was a blogger who wanted to put face to name. Anyway, that's that.

I had another runin with a black squirrel this morning, too. I was going to check my mail and one of the devil creatures was looking at me with a satanic grimace from about 4 meters 13 feet away. I chucked my keys at him, saying in a loud voice "Die, child of Satan, return to your master!" but he cleverly dodged the projectile and skittered up the tree. Them devilspawn are cunning and agile. I'll have to learn how to use a slingshot, since they're probably not allowed to have BB guns up here. Which illustrates the whole gun debate nicely; when you have weapons, the criminals (squirrels) are not so daring. But here they know they have nothing to fear from us, so they sell their souls to Lucifer, no doubt in exchange for free acorns or something like that. Hmm, wonder if I could get my own squirrel army if I offered them even more acorns? Now that would be cool....

Posted by Tim at September 22, 2003 05:09 PM

Your insight is "unique"... you've been quite the topic of conversation over the last day or so as everyone tried to figure out who exactly you were.

Posted by: Rob Joustra at September 22, 2003 07:32 PM
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