September 22, 2003

What. The. Heck.

I know I've used that heading before, but really. What. The. Heck. Read this:
A colorful $20 bill makes its debut from and tell me my world is not going completely. upside. down.

First, there's a tropical storm in Canada. Then, the Feds decide to colourise our money. Our. Money. Not some weird foreign money with bright yellows and reds and purples. Let the foreigners keep their money. I actually like Canadian money. But the United States Dollar is firm, steadfast. It's the currency the world depends on. It's backed by the might of the most powerful economy and military in the world. If someone refuses to accept a US dollar as legal tender, we can call in the Marines. What's Canada going to do, whine to the UN?

Sorry, this is not cool.

What's going to happen next? Will the US, pressured by Hispanic separatists, make Spanish and English co-official languages? (Yes, I'm aware that we have no official language right now.) Will Canada's conservatives get their act together? Stay tuned to Stranger in a Strange Land for all your binational news and commentary.

Posted by Tim at September 22, 2003 04:40 PM

"colourise" eh? tThey've got you, Tim.

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