September 17, 2003

Gay agenda in Canada

News just reported that the Canadian Parliament just passed gay hate crime legislation today by a fair margin; yesterday a proposal supporting a traditional view of marriage was narrowly defeated. They didn't read any specific text -- which makes me really worry -- but a BC cop and a Conservative Nova Scotian MP assured us that religious freedom is specifically protected in the bill. The crowd of protestors didn't seem to think so (and of course, the camera zoomed in on a "Jesus Is Coming Soon" t-shirt.) Way not to use an ad hominem, CBC.

I hope that the gay movement and their liberal sycophants realize the backlash they've created among the Christian community. I live on the largest Christian campus in Ontario, and there are a lot of people angry about this (background: gay marriage was just legalized by judicial fiat á la Roe v. Wade.) Profs use the example of gay marriage in class to illustrate stuff... it's a very alive issue here. I wonder if the upcoming election will reflect this -- or maybe Ontario is secular enough that the Christian community won't have a voice. This is all very disturbing.

Posted by Tim at September 17, 2003 11:25 PM

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