August 30, 2003

Assorted bits of bloggy goodness

There is a new blog on the block: Munuviana, a group blog consisting of all ten (currently) bloggers who reside on the server thanks to the amazing Pixy Misa. Woohoo, I've always wanted to be part of a group blog, and these guys are a lot of fun.

On a not-particularly-related note, I've been pinged by several bloggers who don't usually ping me (like Susie)... in the interests of reciprocity and in line with the general Axis of Evil Naughty motto of "gratuitous linkage for all", here are some links back:

Dean at Dean's World doesn't get nearly as recognition as he should; in his latest post he links my posting on the Ten Commandments brouhaha. Dean's insights are most always right, always interesting, and never mean-toned toward anyone (who doesn't deserve it that is; moonbat idiotarians of all kinds ought to fear the sort of reasoned debate they can find here). He's a guy everyone can respect.

Buck of The Buck Stops Here is another blogger I read; he's been posting infrequently of late but also linked to my Ten Commandments post.

Lastly, Eric, whose blog is entitled Classical Values, takes the Battle Cry quiz here and in the same post toasts me (and, um, I think that's toasts in a "toast bread" kinda way, not a "toast your health" kinda way...) and spreads an Unsubstantiated Possible Truism about my surveillance system. And there isn't even any poorly photoshopped evidence.

Interesting that I have huge differences with each of these bloggers. Dean (and Buck?) are (Actually, Buck's one of us weird religious folks) is a Bright agnostic, I'm a Calvinist. Eric's gay, I'm straight. All three are more or less classical liberal/libertarian -- I'm, well, a plain and simple conservative. But I respect each of them immensely.

Update: since I've gotten several links lately, I figured I'd better check my TTLB rankings like a good rank-obsessed little blogger. I'm a Flappy Bird. Six links away from... Rodent?!? Is it just me, or is rat a step down from eagle? Well I guess beaver would be a step up from sparrow so it could go either way. But still, would you really rather be a rodent than a bird?

Not that I don't want you to link me, of course. That would be... wrong. Everytime you don't link me, a star winks out. And one of these days, the star that goes to the big heaven in the sk... er, whatever, you know what I mean, kicks the bucket and all that... will be our Sun. So link now and link often.

Though if the Sun goes out, we won't have to worry about the anti-global-warming activists. Every cloud's got a silver lining.

Posted by Tim at August 30, 2003 02:17 AM | TrackBack

Actually I am a practicing Christian and I say practicing cause I rarely get it right. By that I mean I have a long way to go before I would consider myself a model Christian (if there is such a thing). I believe in God and I attend Church service every Sunday. I never ever preach what I myself donít practice.

I love to debate politics and religious practices in person but rarely bring up my own religious leanings on my Blog or my forum because there are too many people who donít know how to separate those who consider themselves practicing Christians and those who they consider the radical Christian right.

By definition I would fall into the radical Christian right group. However I believe in small government and total free will among men (and women). Therefore I am in total 100% opposition of using government, laws or regulations to control other people's behaviors unless their behavior directly harms another.

Politically, if not for the war on terror I would of probably already become a card carrying Libertarian.

Posted by: Buck Hicks at August 30, 2003 02:42 PM

Oops, sorry! (Excuse me; it was 2 am when I wrote the post :) ). I'll change that right away.

Posted by: Tim the Michigander at August 30, 2003 11:25 PM
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