June 28, 2003

Really, there hasn't been much

Really, there hasn't been much going on, in my life or in the Blogosphere. And I have amazingly been able to keep my mouth shut, (fingers still?) in spite of the fact that I don't let not having anything to say stop me in real life. That previous sentence is akward... how do you spell it? I'm regressing, I tell you.

So, I'll summarize the Blogonews AND comment on it, all in one pocket-sized post.

1) Ann Coulter is the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary SLASH Ann Coulter is a rightwing version of She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, HRC. My reaction: Yawn. I've never read an Ann Coulter post, er column (forgot, when you're paid it's a column. . I could really care less, and if bloggers are complaining about other people ranting.... Pot, be a good pot and introduce yourself to Kettle while I play the Imperial Nanotech Violin (why yes, I have been reading the Emperor a lot lately, why do you ask?)

2) Affirmative action is racist. My two cents (3 cents canadian!): Definitely. Being a Non-approved Minority I certainly qualify to complain. But I really haven't got anything else to add. Besides, all ranting and no happy posting will make Tim an irritable person.

3) Go to Dean's World. I have actually been posting and stuff. Dean's so great, and so is his site. It's hard to find someone whose position on such a monumental issue as religion is diametrically opposed but whom you admire and respect deeply. I mean, I'm a die-hard Calvinist (we converts are always more passionate) and he's an agnostic. I love this country, where differences of opinion are not grounds for assault.

4) The Bright meme. Can't believe Dean Esmay and Glenn Reynolds, among others, have so dropped the ball on this one. I'm sorry, but it's derogatory, intellectually dishonest and an horrendous use of the English language.

See, nothing happened this week. And I won't be here next week because I'm a volunteer counselor at a camp Up North (that is, the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan) while they hold Special Week, which is basically camp for mentally disabled (is that the PC term still?) adults. It's so much fun, and there's so many great stories. I'll tell you them when I get back, I'm planning to keep a log (the pen-and-paper kind, so 1995, I know). That means I get to transcribe. Yippee. My typing abilities are so much worse when I'm not writing from my head.

Posted by Tim at June 28, 2003 08:28 PM

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