June 28, 2003

How do I get stuff

How do I get stuff to indent? I'd like to set off my poems and writings I am commenting on, but I'd like to save italics and bold for emphasizing and clarifying my own words. Also, where exactly do I insert comments into the blogcode? Help help.

Note: eight months ago, the phrase "blogger-blegging" would have meant the same to me as "due process" appears to mean to Orrin Hatch, (R) Utah (or, in the interest of keeping everyone mad at me, the same as "four-thousand-year-old institution" means to Andrew Sullivan). Who'd've thought I would have stopped watching Fox and gotten all my news online?

By the way, the poem below ends with "Thank you." That's part of the poem, not the post, although I do thank you for reading it as well.

Posted by Tim at June 28, 2003 09:02 PM

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