July 21, 2003

No more politics

Not like you care, but I've decided that writing about politics is stupid because there are three thousand other people who say the same things, and they get there first too because I'm too lazy to write about them. So my new plan is to focus on unique material: my life, the horrible things my ADD makes me do.

One of the reasons I started this blog was that I was annoyed with the secular tone of the media. They for the most part ignore religion and when they try to cover it they get this whole National Geographic-type tone, going on about the quaint practices ("and the more devout among this congregation attend services twice on Sunday, once in the mid-morning and once around sunset"). But now I realize, hey, I'm in the media now. Instead of dissing CNN which is not really going to notice or care about me, I'll produce my own content. So a new major goal of this blog is I suppose what Instapundit would call place-blogging, but more like lifestyle-blogging: trying to show what it's like to live in an atmosphere of faith, sort of like background music that you every once in a while start humming along to, tapping your foot....

Posted by Tim at July 21, 2003 02:06 AM

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