July 24, 2003

He's a moonbat

Eric of Classical Values has a new proposal to stop the rapidly developing BlogWar between Frnak of IMAO and the puppyblender Glenn. It runs as follows:

Here is what I propose as a peace solution. What Frank really wanted -- what really started this war -- is hits. Originally, Frank was angry because Glenn Reynolds failed to link to him directly as Frank had demanded. Instead, Frank felt ridiculed.

Well, I have a plan. A dream for a lasting PAX BLOGIORUM!

Now, I don't know whether what I am proposing is a breach of blog ethics (I have only been blogging for two months and, quite started frankly, I have never been noted for my ethics anyway, so how would I know, and if I did know how would I care?)

To be frank about it, I thought, well, frankly, if Frank wants hits, if all of his allies just started franking their blogs and every time the word "frank" appears in any context (even as a part of a larger word, like "Frankish") they could put a link to http://imao.us/, then maybe, just maybe, Frank would be appeased for a time, and the war at least postponed.

My tentative peace/ceasefire plan (and you don't have to be a genius and write syrupy sonnets to do this):

Just frank the hell out of your blog. If everyone put the word "frank" with a link to http://imao.us/ each time the word frank appeared, then technorati and truthlaidbear would have alltime new records, Frank's hits would exceed anything in blog history, and war might be averted.

Yeah, great idea, Eric. Let's appease the guy, then he'll stop.

HELLO! We tried this with Hitler. We tried this with freakin' Saddam. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Really, I can't see how you claim to be part of the blogosphere.
If this plan is accepted, bet you shoot off a victory post with "Peace In Our Time" as the title.

Folks, the only way to get this war to stop is immediate action against the real agressor, Frank, whom I am blatantly and explicitly not linking to, must be stopped. If you recall, he began this by making false claims against the Instapundit and quickly stepping up the pressure. He's a Hitler in the making, blogizens. I guess this makes me Churchill. And Eric is none other than our beloved Neville C.

On the other hand, I bet Glenn hasn't ever been compared to Poland before.

No, this is not a blatant attempt at an Instalanche. Deal with it, I'm not interested in hits.

OK, I lied. So what?

Posted by Tim at July 24, 2003 01:46 PM

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