January 06, 2004


I made it back to Redeemer OK, except... I left my laptop (and my alarm clock) at home! So, no blogging for now; 'tis all I can do to check my email once every couple days. (I'm computer-lab-blogging right now and it's definitely not fun.)

On the other hand, maybe I'll actually be doing reading for classes now. For sure, I'll be reading Prof. Koyzis' book though -- I'm really excited about Political Science class, and I'm not just saying that cuz you read my blog... sorry I missed the first class -- like I said, my alarm clock is in a different person and the guy who said he'd wake me up before his 8:00 class didn't.

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January 03, 2004

Someone has too much time on his hands

Now this is a disturbing little application of contract law to Middle-Earth. It's what happens when you cross LOTR geeks with lawyers, terrifying to the average person....

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January 02, 2004

I guess it's true...

I didn't cheat. I just knew or guessed rightly. Go figure.I can speak fluently Dutch!!:)
you are dutch. no other possibility.or, you are
from belgium, that could be the case too.

can you speak Dutch????
brought to you by QuizillaFor the record, I'm (east) Indian by birth, American by citizenship, West Michigander by upbringing, Canadian by current residence and Christian (of the Reformed sort) by allegiance.

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