October 09, 2004

remember the time i was happy to be out of the g dot r? o yeah i remember why now... this city is death. especially since my friend R. and his family (also known as the only GR friends who have not already fled this city) are at Mackinac Island for the weekend.

so here i sit at home, mom is at work, J. is in his room talking on the phone to his girlfriend whom he just saw half an hour ago. i've already gone through the whole awkward thingy where I'm sitting at the computer listening to music and grandma comes and talks to me for a long long time. i'm so great at interjecting appropriate commentage where necessary without actually paying attention to the content of the other person's verbiage. people think i'm a great listener but really i just have lots of practice tuning you out

oh yeah and speaking of music: apparently our home computer committed suicide and was resurrected by J. (that's J. josh not J. jesus by the way) -- ie, all the music is gone. fortunately i used my gmail account to mail a song from one person's computer to another and i still had it.

so i have been listening to i would walk five thousand miles for the last half hour

over and over

and over

T.D: i think i am going to sympathize with your boredom tomorrow. at least i have the option of going outside.

please someone instant message me before i put catnip under my eyelids so my cat will claw my eyes out

(that is the new and updated version of wanting to stick forks in your eyes)

oh yeah and in the continuing saga of timmy trying to get the mythical GST return... foiled again. apparently another requirement is that total purchases must be over 200 dollars to receive GST returns (this is in addition to the requirement that each individual receipt must be over fifty dollars). i had three receipts totalling one hundred sixty dollars. fortunately K., whom i was driving back with, had her receipt for textbooks which itself was over two hundred dollars, so combined we met the limit.

fortunately, I mean, except that the tax return lady wanted to see the books. she couldn't give us the money until she saw the goods. uh huh. well my receipt was for toothpaste, soap and pants so DO YOU WANT MY PANTS MISS TAX RETURN LADY HERE ARE MY PANTS TAKE MY PANTS JUST GIVE ME MY TAX MONEY BACK

i am a sad demented individual. and it is the canadian federal government that has done this to me. with help from the work-study department of a certain medium-sized christian university in a small, disturbingly homogenized suburb of a large, disturbingly gross city in what can only be described as the greatest province in all of the western half of central canada.

oh did i forget to tell you? let me just say that if they try to sneak a letter in my box at noon on a friday before a long weekend telling me to change the sign that afternoon... i will get angry. and i've already gotten angry once this semester. i don't know what will happen if i get angry again. maybe i will get seven feet tall and turn green. that would be cool.

oh the things i would do if i were seven feet tall. i would reach the shelves above our fridge without having to climb on the counter. if i were wearing a long sleeved shirt people would mistake me for dutch from behind. i would finally be taller than the eighth graders / grade eighters at my church.

hmm... there was one more thing i wanted to talk about... oh yeah, i wanted to say thank you. Yeah i realize it isn't american thanksgiving, it's columbus day weekend here. but thank you anyway.

Thank you to my friends for making life cool. Thank you to my dorm-mates (both sets) for also making life cool. Thank you to my family, cuz you've put up with me for nineteen long years and have only gone slightly batty because of it. Thank you to Redeemer school because I love you a lot. Thank you to God because without you, the rest of it wouldn't mean anything.

i hope people don't think i'm an angry violent depressed person just cuz i rant on my blog. ranting is so much fun. and really i get screwed over so much that i'm used to it. i take a perverse pleasure in seeing just how many things can go wrong in one day. you'd be surprised.

oh yeah and to my dorm-mates... i confess, i was the one who knocked down the sign that was hanging in our door today. i definitely walked into it while walking out of the house for the last time. it was pretty scary too cuz all of a sudden there was a loud noise and something attacking my forehead. i was glad that no one was around to watch me make a fool of myself. but thanks to this blog most everyone i know plus any and all random internet people can make fun of me. in my defense, whose bright idea was it to jam a sign in the doorframe? i'm not sure but i blame A.N. of course, everything is his fault. and by A.N. I mean the irony-deficient guy, not my room-mate the vibemaster.

this stream of consciousness rant/story has been brought to you by the numbers 13, 201 and 301 and the letter μ.

Posted by Tim at October 9, 2004 12:23 AM

Here comes a virtual hug for you...long distance. From A-caster

Posted by: Alaina at October 9, 2004 12:45 AM

Ha I never realized they both have the same initials...interesting...

Posted by: Jehan at October 9, 2004 08:22 AM

I never realized that coefficients of friction
could be responsible for Timmy's blogging.

Posted by: Steve Mah at October 10, 2004 05:35 PM

Timmy you're so cool (granted you are narrating this message over my shoulder) you are the coolest person i know......next time you are bored...road trip to N. MI. ~K

Posted by: Kimber at October 12, 2004 07:35 PM

Timmy, you are one fine looking fellow and i really hope that you get your GST money back. I'll help you screw them over in anyway i can.

Posted by: Thomacon at October 16, 2004 01:39 AM

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