April 17, 2004

An entertaining MSN conversation. I am "timmy spatulafingers" and my friend Tal is "Talitha Utensil Hands". Together we bemoan the state of the North American Economy, compare Industrial Revolution-era literary figures to 21st century university life and plot violence. Unfunny parts have been deleted for your convenience.

timmy spatulafingers says: and i smell food cooking. brb

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says:k

timmy spatulafingers says: crap i was deceived by my own gnawing hunger

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: lol

timmy spatulafingers says: i'm eating a piece of bread and cheese. i feel like oliver frigging twist.

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: LOL
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: oh the life of a college student
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: mmm mmm bread and cheese

timmy spatulafingers says: college student or third world orphan. with me you don't have to choose!

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: lol. hmmm how about a third world orphan college student

timmy spatulafingers says: that is correct. ding ding tell her what she won!
timmy spatulafingers says: you win three pennies. come claim your prize.
timmy spatulafingers says: oh and they are canadian pennies

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: three pennies!
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: HUZZAH!
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: think of the things i can buy with three pennies!

timmy spatulafingers says: like three tootsie rolls... 1/100 of a pop at williams...

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: what a deal...1/100 of a pop.
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: Man i can't believe this i remember the days when 1/100 of a pop only cost me 2 pennies
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: what is happening to our economy

timmy spatulafingers says: it is technically referred to as 'half an effing drop'. because there are 50 effing drops in a pop.
timmy spatulafingers says: this convo may have to be blogged.
timmy spatulafingers says: inflation is rampant.
timmy spatulafingers says: but i am unafraid.

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: i would be so honoured

timmy spatulafingers says: why, you ask?
timmy spatulafingers says: i have cheese!

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: hmmm...good for you...
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: i have....1/100 of a cup of pop

timmy spatulafingers says: fine you win.

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: lol...pop always wins over cheese

timmy spatulafingers says: it's true

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: just like i always win

timmy spatulafingers says: cuz the pop is acidic and burns the cheese.

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: well i gotta go get ready for work
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: Have fun "studying"

timmy spatulafingers says: I "will"
timmy spatulafingers says: have fun at work eh?

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: lol
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: oh always...sitting on my butt for 6 hours answering phones is always very exciting

timmy spatulafingers says: hehe
timmy spatulafingers says: at least you get paid. here at simon central i get squat.

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: lol. You should bring in a union

timmy spatulafingers says: yes. or i'll just beat him up until he gives me money
timmy spatulafingers says: he abuses me verbally too.
timmy spatulafingers says: yesterday he said i was fat and not funny.

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: that's rough man...You should definately punch him in the kidneys

timmy spatulafingers says: okay. why did i know you were going to say that? it's a mystery

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: that it is...Well i'll talk to you later Timmy Spatulafingers

timmy spatulafingers says: hehe jehan is snoring

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: stick something in his nose
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: lol

timmy spatulafingers says: i'm scared to go near him cuz when he wakes up he does a scarborough jolt. and he might attack me if frightened

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: well then tie his limbs together
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: and then punch him in the kidneys!

timmy spatulafingers says: that could be entertaining

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: its my favourite way to spend the afternoon
*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: alright now i really should go.

timmy spatulafingers says: ok bye

*Talitha Utensil Hands* says: bye timmy spatulafingers

Posted by Tim at April 17, 2004 02:31 PM | TrackBack

Just for the record, I only snore occasionally :P

Posted by: Jehan at April 17, 2004 05:42 PM

For the record part two:
The origin of the fat and not funny comment:
We were talking about how fat people always seem to be funnier. It's like they have this thing that makes them ultra funny right away, like argh...that guy on SNL. Oh well.

Anyway, the comment was then "See Tim, even you. You were much funnier in September." ;)

Posted by: Simon at April 25, 2004 07:03 PM

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