March 12, 2004

You know you need to cut back on philosophy when...

So I just woke up from a 20-minute nap to keep my brain sharp for figuring out what Dooyeweerd says about modernity and postmodernity for That One Paper That's Due Monday. (I haven't even started on That Other Paper Due Monday yet.)

Anyway, I was a character in some futuristic-type society, and I was walking down the stairs (stairs, may I add, which looked suspiciously like the stairs in my dorm) with my female sidekick-type person discussing whatever mission we were about to carry out. She said something or other and I suddenly realized that she was not really a participant in our future society after all.

And I shouted: "Aha! You are not truly postmodern; you have failed to critique the core assumptions of the modern era!" Then the doorbell rang in my dream simultaneously with the doorbell ringing in our real dorm, and I woke up. I wish I could have picked her brain a little more....

Posted by Tim at March 12, 2004 02:53 PM | TrackBack

I am picking away at the same Dooyeweerdian philosophy as yourself, and I had a dream too, except my dream ended with a Vendetta cartoon and a dial tone. Who knew philosophy would be so involved? Next philosophy will want to know if we see dead people. Phph.

Posted by: andeewho at March 12, 2004 07:12 PM
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