February 09, 2004

Hope for the future

It's things like this
that give me hope for our nation:

PIERRE, S.D. - Tear by tear, sobbing women from South Dakota and other states went to the microphone Thursday evening to tell legislators of being haunted by agony and lingering shame years after having abortions.

Some said they tried suicide, others told of those who had killed themselves. A young baby occasionally cooed in the crowd, a tender contrast to the emotional testimony and graphic photos of aborted fetuses displayed in the packed Capitol room.

For an hour, grieving women, several doctors and some lawyers pleaded with members of the House State Affairs Committee to approve a bill that would make most abortions illegal in South Dakota. The panel voted 11-2 to send the measure to the House floor for additional debate.

The final person speaking in favor of the bill was 16-year-old Alecia Johnson of Pierre. She said she has not had an abortion, and she wondered how anyone could.

"If you throw this bill out, you're saying that you condone murder," the teen told lawmakers.

"Life is given from God," she continued. "A person is a person right from conception."

The legislation declares it public policy in South Dakota that life begins at the moment a woman's egg is fertilized by a man's sperm. It makes abortion illegal unless the life of a woman is at risk by giving birth.

"Human life applies to all human beings, born or unborn," the measure declares.

The article goes on to say legislators are worried about the possible costs (1M dollars) of legal costs. Yeah right, since when has the government cared about spending money. If they asked for donations to cover their asses, I bet they'd get a billion dollars. I'd send 10 bucks, and if a starving college student like me has the motivation, you can bet other prolifers who have actual money would give more. Lame, lame.

But wow. What if, eh? It would be a huge step toward a society that celebrates life, rewards heroism, acts justly, loves mercy....

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