December 03, 2003

I was surprised; then slightly embarassed

(By the way, that use of the word embarassed made me think of the fact that the Spanish word embarazado which looks like it means embarrassed but actually means pregnant. So if you say 'Soy embarazado' you will be embarassed but not for the reason you think.)

Anyway I was surprised to see a comment in my email from Roger. Then I realized that I was surprised because I hadn't had any comments in a while. Then I realized I hadn't had any comments cuz I hadn't done any blogging. Um.

<waves hands wildly> Hey look, over here.</waving> Go here or here or especially here to enter the wild, wacky and world of webcomics, especially if, like me, you are a student and have exams for the next three weeks and need ways to effectively procrastinate for hours on end a few moments of light-heartedness between studious labour and exam-taking.

Mookie, do not follow any of the above links; I don't want your dad coming after me when you get failing marks on all your exams.

Um, ditto for you, Wraj. Your parents know where I live and everything, plus I live at your house half the time which will make it that much easier to plot an apparent, er, accident.

Posted by Tim at December 3, 2003 10:41 PM
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