November 21, 2003

More mindless alternatives to working/studying

The Book of Ratings is an amazingly entertaining site. If you have twelve hours or so of your life to mindlessly fritter away (or if, like me, you have an English paper due Monday and should be working on it now since you're watching LOTR:Fellowship and Two Towers extended editions Saturday and are philosophically opposed to doing homework on Sunday), click on that link. Here's a sample rating:

Power Windows First off, "power" is a little bit overblown as a synonym for "electric." You don't hear people referring to their "power toothbrush" or "power can opener," do you? But in car ads, where every word is designed to make you feel like you could overthrow a dictatorship using only the latest model of their automobile, the windows are "power" in spite of the fact that they couldn't so much as crack a nut. Alternatively, "power" could be a synonym for "likely to break down at a financially inconvenient time." C
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