November 17, 2003

Housework, odd dreams and academics

One interesting new thing I've learned about myself since coming to Redeemer three months ago is that I don't mind domestic work so much. In fact, I quite enjoy doing dishes and generally cleaning up the kitchen (vaccuming was more fun at home when there were pets to chase, but it's still not much of a chore here). At home, I detested doing housework, and usually wouldn't do it until dire consequences (aka no computer) were threatened. I suspect the cause in my change of attitude can be traced to the fact that I was often nagged to do chores by my grandma. Having a somewhat anti-authoritarian attitude at times, I feel the need to ignore dictates I don't like. Also at home, if I ignore something effectively enough, someone else will get fed up and do it. In a college dorm? Not so much, and we will be reduced to drinking out of yogurt containers, as occured yesterday.

I'm even dreaming about housework now. I'm not sure when this dream occurred, but it was recent. I was vaccuming the living room and it was making all the requisite noise, but not picking up at all. The intake area was clean and working fine, etc. It was very frustrating.

In lieu of any objective criteria for dream analysis, I'm going to say that the vaccum represents my life right now. I sometimes feel that I'm going through all the motions (being a student, a Christian, an "adult" <shudder>...) but not producing any actual results. What's the point of going to a class where I don't learn anything if I could stay home, go online and read a blog about the emerging church or Canadian politics? Take for example the fact that as of midterms I was getting two As and two Cs... but the two A classes I really hadn't learned much in, and the two C classes I felt I'd learned and grown a ton in. Since I completely missed the boat for scholarships this year due to my own procrastinating idiocy, what's the point of keeping super-high grades if they're just going to mean doing work above and beyond what I need to learn? Admittedly university is much better than high school, but there's still this dichotomy between school and learning that I don't like.

So yeah. It's going to be a long week. I am really, really looking forward to next week Wednesday, when I will be going home and seeing certain people for the first time in three months. I do not know how I will survive the nine days left here, but I assume I will manage somehow.

Posted by Tim at November 17, 2003 05:11 PM | TrackBack

I'm no dream analyst either, but lemme take a crack at it:

The vacuum cleaner working fine -- but not picking up anything -- represents your subconscious realization that housework offers no reward but itself. I'm guessing that it's not so much that you "enjoy" housework so much as that you're coming to accept housework as a responsibilty whose results maybe sometimes only you will ever appreciate. And that's good because housework IS something that we do only for ourselves -- and those we live with -- and for which we should never expect a "reward".
A mature attitude, indeed! Fear not; you're doing just fine!

Posted by: Tuning Spork at November 17, 2003 09:26 PM

I like that one -- it makes me sound mature and grown-up. As if....

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