November 04, 2003

A note to people who know me in real life

I've given several people I know back in Real Life (Canadian Version) my blogsite address: Alaina, Simon (my RA), Tom (one of my dorm-mates) and probably people I'm not remembering. I haven't proclaimed from the hills that I have a blog, but I haven't kept it secret or asked people not to read it, either. I'm really OK with that, I feel honoured that you care enough about me to want to read my random scribblings, but I do feel I need to say a few things.

--I have a different personality on this blog that I do in person. Hopefully, my online persona isn't distinct from my Real Life self to the point of hypocrisy, but you must realize that a) people are much less inhibited online than in person (not that I have many inhibitions anyway, but still) and that b) I choose when I want to talk on my blog. Some people blog to rant -- but they might be the nicest people in the world to talk to. Some people blog only about politics -- but they probably don't eat, sleep and breathe politics. A blog is not a representative sample of a person's thought is what I'm trying to say. My blog certainly leans toward the theological and the political, and though I have strong interests in those areas I certainly have other interests which haven't seen as much representation here.

--Thus, I will say things here I wouldn't say in person. It's not like I'm totally uninhibited or anything; my internal editor is especially censorious now that a ton of people I interact with constantly are reading my blog. But remember that this is also my personal journal, as well as a public record. You're reading my thoughts -- only some of them, of course, and I do have a responsibility to be decent & respectful when I'm saying things on a publically viewable site, but this is my site.

Again, I really, honestly am if anything happy that my friends want to read my writing. Just keep this stuff in the back of your mind.

Posted by Tim at November 4, 2003 02:18 AM

This is a disclaimer that should go on everyone's site.

Posted by: Jake at November 4, 2003 12:30 PM

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