October 20, 2003

Musings from Theology Class, part II

I thought I'd make this into a thrice-weekly feature, so I'll just post my thoughts for each theology class (not, as you'll see, necessarily related to the class!) in chronological(ish) order.

8:10 -- The 5’6” Guy's Curse: No matter where I sit, no matter when I sit relative to the time of the event’s starting, the last seat in the venue will be right in front of me; and a tall person will take that seat. Happened yesterday at CITB, happened today in this class. It's true: Me=bitter.

8:15 -- Last night went well; the worship service as a whole was pretty good too. The speaker talked on maturity; he had some good points to make. I was re-convicted of my own immaturity anyway. It's so hard to be humble especially when you're me.... But really, it is hard, because whenever you realize you're humble, you begin to take pride in the fact that you are humble, mature, etc. CS Lewis said in Screwtape Letters (speaking as a demon to a young tempter) that at this point the tempter ought not to go to far, or the Christian will "just laugh at you and go to bed". A wise attitude -- I'll try not to get stuck on not feeling any pride at all. I think humility is something you do, not just something you think. If I can become more humble in my words and actions, it'll be better than if my thoughts were humble without external transformation.

8:23 -- Microsoft Word just did that auto-formatting into an outline thing. I hate Word but I'm not going to take my notes in Notepad so the evil minions in Redmond have pretty much got me.

Posted by Tim at October 20, 2003 10:17 AM

Get Word Perfect immediately. See here for why.

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