September 03, 2003

I'm back...

OK, I'm here at college university in Ontario. Unfortunately the dorm internet hookups have been messed up, but they seem to be going okay now. I've been going through internet withdrawal; I don't know anything, I haven't read the paper. Anyway, I'll probably do posting later tonight.

Oh, we were watching the news last night. They called an election. Apparently they do this from time to time. Kind of weird, don't you think? Also at opening convocation they sang the Canadian national anthem, which threw me for a loop. It's a nice song I guess, but the line "the true North strong and free" nearly cracked me up. At least there wasn't any mention of igloos or something, I would have lost it for sure.

One last thing: Jen, I actually did bring a weapon, and I did declare it at the border... but it was only a pocketknife and they let me through.

Posted by Tim at September 3, 2003 02:28 PM

Hmm, that's no fun. I had them freaking out and confiscating my weapon once. I'd tell you what kind of weapon, but it's my little secret.

Glad to see you made it safe and sound. :-)

Posted by: Jennifer at September 3, 2003 02:42 PM

You're lucky it wasn't an icepick, hoser. Could bring down Canadian civilization with an icepick, eh?

Posted by: Ted at September 3, 2003 08:49 PM

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