August 12, 2003

Now that's something ya' don't see every day...

GO, GEPHARDT! [Rich Lowry]

Yes, That Rich Lowry. In the Corner today:

I'm told by a C-SPAN junkie that last night at a labor candidates' forum in Philly Gephardt defended his vote on Iraq war--THEN went after administration for being too soft on the Saudis. He said--don't quote me on these quotes, but they give you the flavor--said they must be "confronted" because they fund terrorists and "this administraiton will never do that." It apparently got a lot of applause. Thank goodness that someone is willing to lead on what should be the next battle in the war on terror. Who knows? Maybe the Bush administration will eventually catch up...
Let's hope so.
Well hey, my admiration level for Mr. Gephardt just went up a couple points. Unfortunately for him (well as if he cares), the aforementioned admiration levels go down every time he opens his big, idiotic, socialist mouth.

Posted by Tim at August 12, 2003 08:37 PM
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