July 16, 2003

I can't find my template.

I can't find my template. I click on the Template tab and it opens; but the field that ought to have my weblog template in it is blank. The page is fully loaded: there's the little 'done' sign on my status bar. I loaded the template page several times throughout the day Tuesday, hoping it was a temporary Blogspot glitch. Is anyone else having this problem?

Well, at least I got comments and sitemeter up. I'm still warmed by the afterglow of that. And I can blog either by going to the Blogger website or by using my new handy-dandy blogger button on my IE browser. I'm going to bed now, since it's 2 in the morning. I'll be gone all day tomorrow (er, today) but I'll be back tomorrow night. My template will be back. I will be happy.

Posted by Tim at July 16, 2003 02:25 AM
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