July 28, 2003

Why am I not surprised?

From Fox News comes this no-longer shocking account, no less idiotic for already having been tried, three months ago:

AUSTIN, Texas — Democratic state lawmakers fled Texas on Monday for the second time in three months to thwart a Republican drive to redraw the state's congressional districts.
Dear Democrats,
I thought you guys were supposed to have your fingers on the pulse of the nation. Weren't you the ones who made policy based on the polls? I think your computer models went a little out of whack since nine-eleven though, might want to check that.
Eleven of the 12 Democrats in the state Senate left for Albuquerque, N.M., as a first special session called by the governor to address redistricting drew to a close and he called a second special session, which began Monday afternoon. The second session could last up to 30 days.
And surprise, surprise, it's still about redistricting. You know, the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result. Just sayin', is all...
"We're availing ourselves of a tool given to us by our Texas Constitution to break a quorum," Sen. Gonzalo Barrientos said at a hotel in Albuquerque. "It's not about Democrats, it's about democracy."
Somehow I don't think the Texas Constitution's framers intended to allow a bitter minority to thwart the will of the majority. Oh and it's not about democracy. The United States is a Republic and Texas is a Republic. Nevertheless, in a representative democracy the opposition doesn't get a veto.
Asked how long the group might stay in New Mexico, Barrientos said, "We have to gauge that day by day."
Sen. Mario Gallegos Jr. (search) said the trip to New Mexico came as a surprise to him: "I didn't even know we were coming here until I got on the plane."
Wait a sec, here. Your little Dem friends were just like "Hey, let's get on this plane" and you were like, "Hey, cool dude, let's do it" and they were like "Yo, we're headin' to New Mexico and you were like, "Sure, man, that rocks." How did you get to be a legislator again?
Republicans are pressing for more seats in the state's 32-member delegation to the U.S. House. The Democrats currently hold a 17-15 advantage, which Republicans say does not reflect the state's increasingly Republican voting patterns.
Um, yeah. Any districting plan that gives Democrats the majority of seats in freakin' TEXAS is probably not real fair.
In conclusion this is probably a good thing because it shows Americans how unethical the Democrat Party becomes when it fears losing its grip on power.
I'm not old enough to remember when the Democrats were a healthy, principled party. All I've seen from them is pettiness, hypocrisy and indecency. That's not the way to win the young vote, guys. Fortunately for you my generation doesn't vote.

Posted by Tim at July 28, 2003 09:14 PM

America's first lady said what she witnessed showed that passions are running high among Palestinians and Israelis.
"The United States will do what they can in this process," she said, urging both sides to work for peace.

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Jewish settlers locked gates at their communities, formed human chains and burned tires to block troops from delivering eviction notices Monday as Israel began to pull out from the Gaza Strip after 38 years of occupation.

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